Math Relates To Gymnastics In Many Ways

There are multiple ways math relates to gymnastics. Here is something that agrees: Math Can Relate.

There are many reasons for why math is related to gymnastics. A few of them are, angles, decimals, averages and restrictions.


In gymnastics angles are used a lot. They are used in handstands, ariels, and more. When you are in a perfect handstand, you're a 180 degree angle. When you're in a side ariel, you're legs are an obtuse angle. This picture is an example of a perfect handstand.


In gymnastics decimals are used very frequently. They are used for scoring. Your score will never be a whole number, it will always have the decimal point. During your events you get a score. You start with 10.00 and the judges take away points as you go. These are called deductions. The lowest number you can get is 1.00.


In gymnastics during meets, you get your final score. This is made from an average of from all of your scores. If your scores were 8.62, 9.14, 9.51, and 8.13, your average would be 8.85. If you're average is in the top three, you get a medal.


In gymnastics, there are restrictions. This is also like math. In gymnastics on bars you have the restriction of missing the bar. In math if you're trying to create something new, you've the restriction of what people have already created.

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